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XI Congress of European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

26-28 Maggio 2011
Riva del Garda, Congress Palace

Biomedical research and Rehabilitation: fundamental aspects
(Biokynesiology, Biomechanical basis, Neural models and their application)

Training and methodology in Rehabilitation
(Educational programme for high performance medical technology and professional training in clinical practice)

Implementation of International Classification of Functioning
(Implementation of ICF in clinical practice; Results of the recent Consensus Conference in neurological rehabilitation)

Measurement in Rehabilitation
(Development of a multifaceted measure of rehabilitation effectiveness)

Ethics problems in Rehabilitation and in Research
(A clinician's approach to clinical ethical reasoning)

Collaborative Research Projects
(Local, national and international collaborative projects for research and innovation to improve Quality of life of disabled people)

Clinical evidences and Research in Rehabilitation
(Methodology in Evidence: facts in issues, relevance and purpose. Dissemination and utilization of research for promoting evidence-based practice in Rehabilitation)

Quality, Competences, Team activities in Research
(Multidisciplinary approach for rehabilitation treatments. Collaborative effort between researchers from the fields of rehabilitation)

The main focus of the Congress will be to enrich the Research in Rehabilitation. Topics for the Abstracts will deal with any aspects of Research in different fields of Rehabilitation activities.

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